This image is the cover for the book Red Dresses Overwhelming the world, Volume 2

Red Dresses Overwhelming the world, Volume 2

She was the guardian of the Great Ye, the famous and famous King Lin Jiang. When she successfully retreated to protect the alliance, she was betrayed and her legs were crippled by a love conspiracy, her face was peeled, a hundred officials performed a performance, and she was petitioned by tens of thousands of citizens. The five generations and nine generations of people were all slaughtered, and in the ruined temple, in front of the Luohan Buddha, she personally gouged out her heart, and died with grievance.She was the most infamous person in the capital, the one with the most infatuation. She was the one who would do anything to marry people she liked, seeking death eight times before she perished.What would happen when a God King transformed into an Asura and was reborn in the capital with a fanatic body?From then on, unloading armor, cashier gun, untie black silk hairpin, return red makeup sitting alone after curling curtains, seek revenge trace, chaos court, delicate hand stirring the world.After slaughtering his way through the world, his jade bones were soaked in blood.She said, "If the people in the world want to betray me, I will make sure that the world is filled with corpses and blood that flows like rivers!"

Feng Qing, Lemon Novel