This image is the cover for the book Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby, Volume 1

Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby, Volume 1

Unlearned, deceitful, and never believing in ghosts, she was unexpectedly haunted by the beauty of the ghosts. From then on, it was a miserable life of being eaten tofu during the day and taken advantage of during the night. Unable to bear it any longer, she was forced to start hunting for ghosts in order to regain her freedom. A familiar scent filled the room and she was schemed against again. The corner of Hua Xiaoxian's mouth curled up as she took the initiative to attack. Looking at the Ghost King who had nowhere to retreat to, he raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Do you still want to come back?" "Ming Ye's eyes are red and his voice is hoarse." Stupid woman, you are playing with fire. "

Si Yue, Lemon Novel