This image is the cover for the book Brother Blood Sister Death

Brother Blood Sister Death

A modern, nonviolent vampire fears his twin sister’s traditional, gruesome habits will expose them in this dark thriller.

Hybrid vampires Daniel and Diana feel technology’s cold, uncountable tendrils hunting them. Daniel scientifically satisfies his needs. Diana, his twin sister, hunts in the old-school way, leaving patches of greasy, scorched earth or mutilated bodies for her brother to take care of.

Daniel created Matrix, a face pack for beauty shops, which pulls blood through skin, leaves blissful clients, kills and alerts no one. He prefers milking to butchering. Daniel cultivates his human side; Diana mocks him. Impatient, she hunts out of spite as much as need.

Daniel finally understands that his twin sister will get him killed, and his life’s hardest decision is at hand: To milk? Or to butcher?

Praise for Brother Blood Sister Death

“A novel of vampire seduction, murder intrigue, and blood. Accomplished poet and novelist Bill Ransom uses humor in especially delicious ways.” —Brian Herbert, New York Times–bestselling coauthor of Dune: House Atreides

“A classic vampire novel rife with secrets…but it’s no secret that I loved it! Complicated relationships and unexpected twists and turns mix with good old-fashioned vampire violence for a great read. More, Bill Ransom!” —Nancy Holder, New York Times–bestselling author of The Wicked Saga

“A highly entertaining, riveting story about twin adult vampires. . . . Couldn’t put this one down—definitely worth a bite.” —Anna Quin, author of The Night Child

Bill Ransom

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