This image is the cover for the book Red King, The Jabberwocky Series

Red King, The Jabberwocky Series

Alice’s time in Wonderland is long behind her, but an old enemy is painting London’s streets with blood in this dark fantasy horror series opener.

There is nothing deadlier than a little girl’s dreams . . .

Alice Liddell had adventures in Wonderland many years ago. Now she is grown-up, married and living a respectable life in Edwardian London. But her dreams have come back to haunt her…

A serial killer stalks the streets. Children and adults are being brutally murdered and drained of blood. The Red King is on a quest for revenge against the seven-year-old girl who humiliated him years ago.

Alice joins forces with Dorothy Gale, who had adventures of her own in a land called Oz. Together they hunt the Red King before he can enslave the world.

But Alice discovers that the Red King’s rampage may be all her own fault—fighting her own dreams isn’t easy.

The Red King is the first of Alice’s adventures concerning the mysterious Jabberwocky Book she discovered in Looking-Glass Land, a book that holds the key to the survival of four linked worlds.

Russell Proctor