This image is the cover for the book I Remember When and Through My Back Window

I Remember When and Through My Back Window

This story tells of a mother teaching her child to lie and the unstable life of threats she brought into the lives of many. Along with these threats, a loving, stable life was provided by a loving set of grandparents. Along with these memories are the descriptions of the ever-changing picture that nature brings us with her beautiful paint brush which the author sees through her back window, along with the wildlife that visit very often.

Connie Thorn

Connie is 75 years old and after living in a large city for 71 years, sold up, bought an acreage and built a new home with her husband of 56 years. Connie has four children, three of which married, and has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. As a child of the 1940s, she has seen a lot of changes in her life, and so she wanted to let her family and friends know of these changes and wrote a short story. Connie has never written a story before, so this is her first effort. Life has never looked back and she sometimes wonders why it took her so long to move to the country and enjoy the peace and quiet it has brought her.

Austin Macauley Publishers