This image is the cover for the book RollerSnake


Snake is upset that he is slower than the other animals in the jungle. He slithers around across the ground and wiggles from his tail to his nose. He wishes he had feet so that he could jump and leap and run like the wind blows, and be as fast as the other jungle animals. Snake’s lifelong dream is to compete in an annual jungle race which he has never been able to do. But this time around, snake had an idea. An idea so brilliant that maybe, just maybe, his dreams might finally come true.

Lewis Read

Lewis Read is a children’s book author with a big imagination. He tells his stories through rhymes and rhythmical fascination. He is a grown man who hasn’t grown old, like a cat that stayed a kitten, and this shines out in all the stories in the books that he has written. He lives with his family in Leicester; a place where dreams come true, the home of pork pies, crisps, holidays, cheese and book authors too. Look out for his future books which are whimsical and full of fun. Lewis Read’s journey in the world of books has only just begun.