This image is the cover for the book Destiny


With a terminal global war about to eliminate the human species, a group of NASA-led pioneers leave Earth on a four-year journey to try and inhabit Proxima B – rotating around our nearest star-neighbour, Proxima Centauri – captained by the happy-go-lucky Jamie Fraser, together with Anna, his attractive West Indian second-in-command and co-pilot, Petra, a New Zealand Maori. On-board is Michael, a young innovative astrophysicist specialising in black holes and time, who, because of paranormal experiences during his youth, believes that time-travel is possible through a black hole. He uses this hypothesis to attempt to address the pending annihilation of mankind by travelling into the past. Arriving in medieval France, Michael struggles to remember his reason for being in this time-zone. Using the occult to unravel his real purpose for being there, he finally starts to re-discover himself.

Ian H. James

Ian H. James was born in 1948 in the town of Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, England. He met and married Béatrice, a French student spending a year in England as an au pair. They settled down to married life in Shrewsbury and had two daughters, Chloé and Lucie. Ian became a teacher of science and mathematics at several schools in Shropshire before retiring and moving to France where he now resides.

Austin Macauley Publishers