This image is the cover for the book Dirty Japanese, Dirty Everyday Slang

Dirty Japanese, Dirty Everyday Slang

Learn cool slang, funny insults and all the words they didn’t teach you in class with this comprehensive guide to dirty Japanese.

You’ve taken Japanese lessons and learned all kinds of useful phrases. You know how to order dinner, get directions, and ask for the bathroom. But what happens when it’s time to drop the textbook formality? To really know a language, you need to know it’s bad words, too. You need Dirty Japanese.

From common slang and insulting curses to explicit sexual expressions, this volume teaches the kind of Japanese heard heard every day on the streets from Tokyo to Kyoto from “What’s up?” (Ossu?) to “I’m smashed,” (Beron beron ni nattekita.).

Matt Fargo

Matt Fargo has worked in Japan as a writer, translator, and musician, subsequently earning his Master's degree in Japanese Literature at UC Berkeley. He lives in Berkeley, CA.