This image is the cover for the book Transforming Japan

Transforming Japan

A volume of essays by Japan’s leading female scholars and activists exploring their country’s recent progressive cultural shift.

When the feminist movement finally arrived in Japan in the 1990s, no one could have foreseen the wide-ranging changes it would bring to the country. Nearly every aspect of contemporary life has been impacted, from marital status to workplace equality, education, politics, and sexuality.

Now more than ever, the Japanese myth of a homogenous population living within traditional gender roles is being challenged. The LGBTQ population is coming out of the closet, ever-present minorities are mobilizing for change, single mothers are a growing population, and women are becoming political leaders. In Transforming Japan, Kumiko Fujimura-Fanselow has gathered the most comprehensive collection of essays written by Japanese educators and researchers on the ways in which present-day Japan confronts issues of gender, sexuality, race, discrimination, power, and human rights.

Kumiko Fujimura-Fanselow

Although born in Japan, Kumiko Fujimura-Faneselow spent her formative years in the US during the Civil Rights Movement. She received her PhD in comparative sociology of education from Columbia University, and is currently a professor of education and women's studies at Toyo Eiwa University.

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