This image is the cover for the book Digital Life Together

Digital Life Together

Digital technologies loom large in the experience of today’s students. However, parents, teachers, and school leaders have only started to take stock of the ramifications for teaching, learning, and faith.

Based on a three-year in-depth study of Christian schools, Digital Life Together walks educators, school leaders, and parents through some of the big ideas that are hidden in our technology habits, going beyond general arguments for or against digital devices to address the nuanced realities of Christian education in a twenty-first-century context.

David I. Smith, Kara Sevensma, Marjorie Terpstra, Steven McMullen

David I. Smith is director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, coordinator of the de Vries Institute for Global Faculty Development, and professor of education at Calvin University. In 2024, he won Calvin University’s Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching. He has published extensively on Christian education and the relationship between faith and pedagogy; his books include On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom and Learning from the Stranger: Christian Faith and Cultural Diversity.

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