This image is the cover for the book Rebirth: Colorful Divine Body, Book 6

Rebirth: Colorful Divine Body, Book 6

He had achieved the way of the gods. And see how Mu Feng conquers the cultivation world, wreaks havoc in the fairyland, becomes an Ascendant cultivator of the God Realm, finds out the enemies of his previous life, and solves the mystery of his birth!

He was framed by his brothers and was forced to self-detonate before perishing together with them. A wisp of his remnant soul floated down to the body of the Mu Clan's trash, Third Young Master Mu Feng. From then on, the young master was able to advance by leaps and bounds, killing all the clansmen that had bullied him … Seven-colored Divine Body, the most powerful body under the heavens! There was no other! He carried the Heavenly God Sword, the Ring of Allheaven, practiced the supreme divine arts, and had the support of all the beauties in the world.

Zhi ZunHuiShao, Babel Novel