This image is the cover for the book Other Kind of Smart

Other Kind of Smart

Emotional intelligence (EI) coach Harvey Deutschendorf combines his proven techniques with engaging principles of storytelling and fun exercises to show you how you can apply the principles of EI on the job to achieve greater success.

Filled with real-life profiles of people who faced emotional intelligence dilemmas and easy-to-implement solutions, Other Kind of Smart offers tools that will bring results in as little as five minutes a day and teaches you how to:

develop stress tolerance, cultivate empathy, increase flexibility with coworkers, boost assertiveness, and resolve problems successfully.

The difference between those who become successful in life and those who struggle is their ability to exhibit and leverage strong people skills. Complete with an EI quiz that will help you measure their level of emotional intelligence and EI growth, Other Kind of Smart enables all professionals to improve their relationships and increase their effectiveness at work in a practical, accessible way.

Harvey Deutschendorf

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