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Devastating Beauty, Volume 4

Ever since she was young, she had disguised herself as a man, and at the age of ten, she was repudiated by the heavens and earth. At the age of fourteen, she was bestowed with the name of a king, and was given the name of the king.

Accept his fate? Accept your fate! Why not? You all regard yourself as the fiend of a country who lost. You all agreed to the words of heaven's will and were defeated by you all! The people of the world viewed him as a bloodthirsty demon, and thus, he had conformed to the will of the world and slaughtered him for the people of the world to see! So what if he was a monster? In this world of extreme flames, it was called the Burning Fire Cave. She grew up in the Burning Fire Cave, and after going through countless hardships, she created a peerless martial art called the Raging Flames Soul. The coldest place in the world was called the Valley of Ice. He grew up in the Valley of Ice, and after experiencing countless hardships, he created a peerless martial art called the Breaking Ice Soul. Wishing? This King never makes a wish! Only those who are incompetent will have a wish. Everything This King asks for, will be given to you! For example … It commanded the whole world to be in chaos, to prostrate themselves within the Six Paths. He was the complete opposite of her, yet so similar! Ice and fire mutually restrained each other. Were those two fated to fall in love and kill each other as well? He had come from the nine heavens to descend into the mortal world. He was originally an unintentional person without desire or desire, and that person named Cang Qu had overturned the very essence of his life. Before I met you, I was unreal, but now, you are my unreal self! Bloody saffron, the love of this life, how could she let him? He was a man of martial arts, a man of great stature. He was the world's greatest tyrant … Join Collection

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