This image is the cover for the book The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us

Will Farmer is mourning the murder of his only daughter, Daisy, but he becomes frustrated with the slow progress shown by the police. Aided and abetted by Meg, whom he befriends after he discovers she too has lost a daughter in similar circumstances forty years ago, he uncovers a few unpalatable home truths and reveals secrets of his marriage that should stay secret, for the sake of sanity. At the end, a big twist exposes the real villains, who live right under his nose in plain sight. Read it and be very scared…

Spencer Coleman

Born in 1952 in Leicester, Spencer Coleman spent his early years near Portsmouth. He has been a successful artist in oils for over 30 years, working with Harrods and Danbury Mint to name just a few companies. He is a member of the CWA, and has had published two novels and two short stories. This is his third suspense book. His print, Bottoms Up, was a big seller around the world. He likes snow-skiing and tennis. He has one son who now runs the family gallery in Lincoln. In 2015, Spencer suffered a stroke but he is recovering well.

Austin Macauley Publishers