This image is the cover for the book Thanks a Million Power to Infinity

Thanks a Million Power to Infinity

This book is intended to open doors for those out there who have for so long prayed for a blessing and a break in their life, but felt they had no hope left. My message is conveyed with my life stories, my desires, my learned lessons, my awareness, my knowledge of our reality and of course my understanding of our current society. A passion I have nourished for years and it has accompanied me silently from an early stage, but only now at the age of 43, I am finally capable of releasing it in my first manuscript. During my life, I have embraced many obstacles, however I never let them win and on the contrary I believe they had to be there to show me the right way to go. Faith, happiness and self-love are the essential keys that are driving me to pursue my ultimate goal. I have praised all the people in my life who have helped me through it all, helped me to learn and grow each day. I know that many broken people, just like me, would benefit from my experiences. This precious gift has cleared my mind, has helped me to finally understand myself, together with my dreams, my mistakes and many ambitions too. Thanks to this manuscript, I will, hopefully, become an inspiration to many who have just like me, in the past, lost direction. Let this brief but truthful book be an example of faith, self-love, determination and lastly the power in believing in yourself and your dreams.

Miriam Daniela Labaa

Miriam was born in Italy in the mid-seventies; she grew up in a beautiful part in one of the northern regions of Italy. She pursued her love for languages, attending a language school. That allowed her to fulfil her dream and eventually move to the UK 23 years ago. She has two grown-up children whom she would do anything for and this book was written partly for them. The publishing of this book is aimed at helping and guiding many people out there, who, just like Miriam, have lost their way and hopefully, finally, will follow their goals just like her.

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