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Positive mentoring relationships are held to be essential to the formation of strong Christian leaders—but why? How can theological and biblical insights inform mentoring relationships? And what do these vital relationships look like across a range of Christian experience? 

Opening multiple angles of vision on the practice of mentoring, Dean K. Thompson and D. Cameron Murchison here present a group of eminent scholars who explore mentoring from biblical-theological perspectives, within the context of diverse national and international communities, and across generations.


David L. Bartlett 
Walter Brueggemann 
Katie Geneva Cannon 
Thomas W. Currie 
Cristian De La Rosa 
Jill Duffield 
Elizabeth Hinson Hasty 
Luke Timothy Johnson 
Kwok Pui Lan 
Thomas G. Long 
Melva Lowry
Martin E. Marty 
Rebekah Miles 
D. Cameron Murchison 
Camille Cook Murray 
Rodger Nishioka 
Douglas Ottati 
Alton B. Pollard III 
Cynthia L. Rigby 
Dean K. Thompson 
Theodore J. Wardlaw

Dean K. Thompson, D, Cameron Murchison, Jill Duffield, Martin E. Marty

Dean K. Thompson is president and professor of ministry emeritus at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

D. Cameron Murchison is professor of ministry emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary, where he also served as dean of faculty and executive vice president.

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