This image is the cover for the book Contents Under Pressure, The Britt Montero Mysteries

Contents Under Pressure, The Britt Montero Mysteries

From New York Times–bestselling author comes the first in the hard-hitting series starring a Miami crime reporter is “a crackling good page-turner” (USA Today).

A crime reporter for a major Miami newspaper, Cuban-born Britt Montero practically sleeps with a police scanner by her bedside. When a high-speed police chase leads to the death of a black football hero, Britt discovers that what seems like an open-and-shut case is actually an intricate web of racially charged violence.

As the city she loves explodes into a major riot, Britt is caught up in life-threatening events that bring the case to a final shocking twist.

“First-rate entertainment.” —Kirkus Reviews

Edna Buchanan

Edna Buchanan knows firsthand that underneath Miami's glistening facade lies a city torn by violence and muddied by corruption, where every moment a crime is waiting to happen. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning crime reporter, Buchanan has exposed the seamier sides of this sun-drenched paradise, then used her more than twenty years of experience to create a dynamic and deadly Miami that vividly comes alive in each of her novels. Especially when the city is seen through the fiercely intense eyes of a tough newspaperwoman named Britt Montero. The author of eleven books, Buchanan has spent time behind bars -- with two serial killers. She lives in Miami, Florida.

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