This image is the cover for the book Highly Skilled Doctor: My Lord Wife, Volume 1

Highly Skilled Doctor: My Lord Wife, Volume 1

Life is like a play, it's all about acting. How lousy was Gu Qingyi's acting, to be able to hold onto such a good card, yet to lose so badly, to the point of losing her life … The only person with a different surname in the Grand Xia Dynasty was Wang Lu's father, the empress dowager's grandmother, the emperor's uncle, and the crown prince's cousin … A whole family of royalty. Although she had been stranded on the outside since she was young, she had learned some good medical skills from the First Godly Doctor, Ghost Teacher … If there was anything wrong with her, it would be — ugly! Right, ugly! It was definitely because of the ugliness! Destroying everything in one fell swoop … Thus, no matter how good the cards were, he would still lose everything … Luckily, the heavens gave her another chance. This time, she wanted to change her mind. Starting from the heart, being too ugly wasn't suitable to be the little white girl. The vicious female partner was my role!

Yangzuoli, Fancy Novel