This image is the cover for the book Isle of Man, Visitors' Historic Britain

Isle of Man, Visitors' Historic Britain

Discover the long and fascinating history of this tiny self-governing island in the Irish Sea.

Many people don’t know that the tiny Isle of Man, midway between the coasts of Lancashire and Northern Ireland, is one of the richest historic landscapes in Europe. Packed into its 225 square miles are dramatic stories of Bronze Age conflict, Viking warriors, medieval kings, smugglers, maritime and railway history, wartime airfields, and even a pirate radio station.

Add to that the island's unique motorsport heritage (on two, three and four wheels), and you have a combination unrivaled anywhere in the British Isles. Whatever your passion, or whichever historical period appeals to you, the Isle of Man will have something fascinating to offer. Packed with illustrations, and using first-hand accounts to enhance the narrative, this book takes you on a chronological journey through the island’s history, before offering a series of guided tours which pick up the highlights of each district. From Bronze Age hill forts to medieval castles, from heritage railways to historic quaysides, from award-winning museums to country mansions, the Isle of Man has it all. Let this book be your guide to historic Britain's best-kept secret, as you explore a place untouched by the hectic pace of twenty-first-century life.

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Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson is Curator of Social History at Manx National Heritage. He has a long term interest in military history, in particular the First and Second World Wars. This is his eleventh book for Pen and Sword, and is the culmination of many years of study and research into the role of the Isle of Man between 1939 and 1945\. He is fortunate enough to have met and spoken with many of the contributors whose words appear in this book.

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