This image is the cover for the book Rich Family's Hot Little Wife, Volume 1

Rich Family's Hot Little Wife, Volume 1

When they met for the first time, she was almost eaten dry by him. However, by some strange accident, she ended up living with him under the same roof. She became his personal maid and was constantly harassed by him every night.

This big tailed wolf pretended to be her good brother in front of her and was showing love to his girlfriend. However, he used all sorts of moves to deal with her and didn't allow her to interact with other men. How could he hide from such a bad man? "When she finally returned, the one standing next to her was his little uncle." "Stupid girl, did you get tired of living by fooling around with me?" He grabbed her chin and said. You should call me aunt, you bastard! " "But she smiled." "Okay, why don't I go and talk to my uncle to let him know how special your taste is?" No matter how far she ran and how long she dodged, she could not escape the palm of his hand.

Mu WanXi, Lemon Novel