This image is the cover for the book The Uppity Swans

The Uppity Swans

One day, while dozing on his lily pad, Frampton Frog heard two beautiful swans, Jessie and Tessie, saying mean things to two good-natured but oddly named turtles, Fluff and Fuzz. Upset at this, Frampton decided to do something about it. After asking for strength and guidance from God, he confronted Jessie and Tessie, warning them that God does not like when we belittle others. Jessie and Tessie listen to Frampton, but do they heed his words? Will they listen to Frampton's lesson that God loves each and every creature, and that it's what's inside a creature's heart that is the most important thing?

Kathleen Bettilyon

Kathleen Bettilyon loves to read but never dreamed that she would write a children's story. One day her daughter, who has three small boys, said to her in jest, "Mom, we should write a children's book." "Yes we should," was Kathleen's reply. Taking her daughter's words to heart, she put pen to paper and the idea of a frog came to mind. A little frog who loved the Lord with all his heart and soul, a humble servant frog who wanted to be of help and example to the other creatures who lived on Jacob's Meadow and Joseph's Pond. Kathleen created a whole little world for him and his friends. Kathleen lives in Cumming, Georgia, with her husband Craig. They have three children, three grandchildren, and a cat named Schellie.

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