This image is the cover for the book Evil Consort in the Great Era, Volume 5

Evil Consort in the Great Era, Volume 5

She was once the only wood type ability user in the world. She had space in her body, but she died in an accident at the hands of the Zombie King. She once more opened her eyes. She had become the Prime Minister's daughter of the Grand Xia Dynasty. However, the seemingly noble her was a piece of trash that one could bully. His mother was killed, his fiance was taken, and he even had to face the despair of being swept out of the house. How could she just sit on the wall and watch the 'revenge comes' she'd always followed? If her fiance was too trash, she would change him to a better one. If he tainted her innocence, she would destroy it. If he harmed her mother, she would wipe out her entire family! "Just as she was about to make it, a man stepped forward and pressed her down." My wife, now that the mundane business is over, can we proceed with our plan to build a man?

Jing Yeling, Lemon Novel