This image is the cover for the book The Underworld Clerk, Volume 5

The Underworld Clerk, Volume 5

Geng Yun, the man with a broken heart, had occasionally become an accomplice of the underworld. From then on, he had changed his identity in the world of life and death, fear and excitement becoming the main hues of his life! Surrounded by all kinds of beauties, including the cold female doctor, the tyrannical female special police and the pure little Daoist nun, Geng Yun was growing up in pain and happiness. A wealthy merchant? Political pride? Evil spirits? — All of you, behave! Geng Yun went from being frightened at first to enjoying his work later on. Advancing from a small police officer to the deputy chief of the police department of the Underworld step by step, he completed the magnificent transition from a little otaku to the most ferocious man in the Underworld.

Lan Mao, Babel Novel