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The Gospel of John

The Resonate series recovers the ancient wisdom of Scripture and helps us understand how it resonates with our complex world. The stories and insights of each book of the Bible are brought into conversation with contemporary voices of hope and lament--the cultural messages we interact with on a daily basis. The Scriptures become a meeting ground where God speaks to the pressing concerns of our day, and we are confronted in turn with a fresh experience of God's truth. In this journey through the Gospel of John, Paul Louis Metzger wrestles with the question of what happens when God, who is love, comes to town and takes up residence among us. For some this new neighbor love is welcome; for others, unusual; for still others, suspect--even dangerous. We learn from John's Gospel what it means to be called friends and lovers of God, what it means to put love to death and what it means for love to rise again in our midst andin our lives.

Paul L. Metzger, Leonard Sweet, Rick McKinley

Paul Louis Metzger (Ph.D., University of London) is professor of Christian theology and theology of culture and founder and director of The Institute for the Theology of Culture at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. He is also editor of the journal Cultural Encounters, coeditor of the book A World for All? Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (with William F. Storrar and Peter J. Casrella) and the award-winning author of Consuming Jesus.

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