This image is the cover for the book Through the Clouds

Through the Clouds

I did not realise how much I had encountered issues with and battled with mental health in one guise or another throughout my life until I had cause to refocus when I lost my dad in 2003. From a young age, I was faced with challenges that I knew were not “normal” and I did not consider their impact until much later in life when it became all too clear. My family life was not always rosy, and there were issues with alcoholism, phobias, anxiety, fear and jealousy. Not that much different to every other family I’m sure. In 2018, whilst I was studying to become a mental health first aider, I worked with people who reignited my love of poetry, and I suddenly found that I could finally express some of my long-harboured and hidden emotions and feelings through this medium. This collection has been written to highlight and celebrate the trials and tribulations of mental health, and I hope will be an example that positivity can bloom from challenging beginnings, and although there are dark days, it’s important to focus and to begin to see through the clouds.

Kirsty Dwan

Kirsty has enjoyed poetry from an early age and had her first poem published in 1992. Her life has seen many challenges and triumphs and she is a successful and ambitious career woman as well as a mother of two fabulous children. During her life, she has struggled with her mental health, and it was not until later in her life, when her father died, that she realised how much her life events had affected her. Whilst studying to be a qualified mental health first aider in 2018, Kirsty rekindled her love of poetry as an outlet for her struggles. Kirsty has written this collection to aid understanding of mental health, and to promote the need to be able to express yourself when you are in a dark place.

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