This image is the cover for the book Bronx River in History & Folklore

Bronx River in History & Folklore

From Jonas Bronck to today, discover stories and legends of New York’s Bronx River.

The Bronx River flows for twenty-three miles through Westchester County and the heart of the Bronx. It is New York City’s only freshwater river, and it is exceptionally rich in history, folklore and environmental wonder. From Revolutionary War battlefields to native forests and lost villages, its lore and remarkable history are peopled with an array of legendary characters like Aaron Burr and the redoubtable Aunt Sarah Titus. Today, the once-polluted river is revitalized by decades of citizen activism, and it once again plays a unique role in the diverse communities along its length. Stephen DeVillo traces the river’s long and colorful story from the glaciers to the present day, combining human history, local legends and natural history into a detailed portrait of a special part of New York.

Stephen Paul DeVillo

Stephen Paul DeVillo is the former development coordinator at the Bronx River Alliance, where he contributed a series of Bronx River stories for their newsletter. He develops walking tours for the Alliance's Bronx River Rambles that explore the river's history and environment, and has given historical walking tours for other organizations, including the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct and NYC H2O. He is a longtime member of the Bronx County Historical Society and the East Bronx History Forum.

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