This image is the cover for the book The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate

“War messes with us; makes us do things we wouldn’t normally contemplate.”
As war encroaches on the idyllic young life of Ali Conroy in the lush and undulating countryside of Northern England, she and her childhood love are swept to opposite ends of the earth – to the unrelenting and bloody battlefields of World War Two and the barren and windblown plains of North East Montana.
Based on a true story from the years surrounding one of our most defining and cataclysmic conflicts, The Narrow Gate tugs at the threads that tie us to our home and our first love.

M. R. Hamilton

M. R. Hamilton was born in Lancashire, England. She studied Literature at the University of London and later Creative Writing. Time spent as a teacher, as well as extensive travels in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America offered a rich vein in which to tap. The Narrow Gate is her first novel. She lives in South West France.

Austin Macauley Publishers