This image is the cover for the book Fanatic of Martial Tao, Book 10

Fanatic of Martial Tao, Book 10

Ye Bufan is the most noble young master in the family, but at the same time he is unfortunately a fool. Once he met a princess of a neighboring country, attracted by her beauty and kindness, he vowed to marry her as his wife.

In an accident, he came to another world that is very different from the earth. Here, force is above all else. People have no weapons and only rely on their own hands to fight and win territory. This also happens to be Ye Bufan's favorite way of survival.

☆About the Author☆

Ying Duzui is a well-known online novelist and has authored many works. His representative works include: and , etc. He is good at writing martial art novels. Because of his rich plot and vivid language, his novel have been widely welcomed.

Ying DuZui, Babel Novel