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Execution, SCOPE of Leadership Book Series

The keys to strategy and performance that deliver results. The final book in the “most comprehensive treatment of leadership I’ve ever seen by one author” (Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge).

Execution: Delivering Excellence describes the capabilities that leaders need to create competitive differentiation and deliver extraordinary value. Great leaders build a culture that achieves operational excellence as well as adapts to change and seizes new opportunities. By learning the competencies of making smart decisions, fostering innovation, enabling speed, and taking action, you are able to equip your team to sustain great performance for years to come.

The SCOPE of Leadership book series teaches the principles of a coaching approach to leadership and how to achieve exceptional results by working through people. You will learn a straightforward framework to guide you in developing, enabling, exhorting, inspiring, managing, and assimilating people. Benefit from the wisdom of many years of leadership, consulting, and executive coaching experience. Discover how to develop the competencies that align consistently with great leadership.

Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins is the award-winning author of Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others, a seasoned executive coach, and an expert in improving organizational performance. He is president of Alpine Link Corporation, where he is a respected practitioner, speaker, and thought leader on leadership, self-improvement, and business improvement. He is known for consistently leading organizations and individuals to higher levels of achievement. Prior to founding Alpine Link, Mike developed his practical perspectives on leadership through his unique combination of experience in engineering, sales, and senior management. He has a rare blend of technical, operational, and leadership knowledge. Throughout Mike's career, he has accepted the toughest assignments and excelled in overcoming the most challenging issues. Few people have practiced, studied, and coached on the topic of leadership to the extent that he has. As a result, Mike has developed and refined numerous frameworks including the SCOPE of Leadership™, Activating Your Ambition™, and Peak Potential Selling™ to help organizations and individuals break through their limitations and achieve higher levels of success.

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