This image is the cover for the book Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo, Volume 3

Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo, Volume 3

What is reality? The reality is that there are only one or two moments in life that are wonderful.What is a novel? The novel is the protagonist's life again and again wonderful;What do you do when you are alone in a strange world, when you have the power to shock the world, when you cry like a ghost, when you have the medical skills to achieve perfection, when you have the skills to return to the world?Will you bring beauty to the world?You will fight for hegemony and point the finger at the world?You will roam the martial arts world and you will be filled with kindness and hatred? Let us follow the steps of the protagonist, and experience the brilliance again and again

Yue SeYouYou, Babel Novel