This image is the cover for the book Handwriting Analysis Plain & Simple, Plain & Simple

Handwriting Analysis Plain & Simple, Plain & Simple

Discover the many secrets that can be revealed through one’s handwriting in this practical and accessible guide.

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is a practice that allows us to construct a personality profile by examining the characteristics, traits, and strokes of an individual’s handwriting. It seems impossible, but a trained graphologist can gather an astonishing amount of information about the writer just from analyzing their handwriting. In fact, many things beyond personality traits are revealed in your handwriting, such as health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents, and mental problems—to name just a few.

This straightforward guide explains what handwriting analysis is and why it works. The author gives a brief history of the art, then delves into every aspect of writing, including:The way the writing moves across the pageThe meaning of the pen, pencil, and ink chosenThe slope of the script and the amount of space between wordsThe size and shape of the individual letters and signaturesThe meaning of writing styles in headed paper, logos, and shop signs

Eve Bingham

Eve Bingham has been the secretary of the British Astrological and Psychic Society for many years. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the psychic sciences, spiritual work, and spiritual healing and has had a successful career in these fields since the early 1970s. Eve has written many articles on mind, body, and spirit subjects. She lives in England.

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