This image is the cover for the book When the Last Note Sounds

When the Last Note Sounds

These are the recollections of the life and work of a great singer. They explore the true accounts of great happenings following the Second World War when a Renaissance of British music took place, giving birth to several great composers, producers and conductors and a school of singers that led the way to rival the Europeans. Richard Lewis was among the main architects of that Renaissance. His wife Elizabeth was with him for many years, and her reminiscences showcase what a singer’s life is like, its dramas, its humour, and what happens When the Last Note Sounds.

Elizabeth Muir-Lewis

Elizabeth Muir-Lewis has two published books. This book, When the Last Note Sounds, is a biography about her life as the wife of one of Britain’s finest singers, Richard Lewis CBE. As a singer herself she has the unique position of understanding the extraordinary world of the international singer. Through Richard she heard about that great era after the second world war when British music had a renaissance. It is a tale of great composers, conductors and singers. Elizabeth brings to life the strenuous world of international singing, itsdownsides as well as its glories. She does not mince her words but illuminates the art of singing as she saw it.

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