This image is the cover for the book Again Sanders, Sanders of the River

Again Sanders, Sanders of the River

Twelve short stories centered around British officials in colonial Africa, part of the series by the early twentieth-century writer famous for King Kong.

Readers of Edgar Wallace’s Sanders of the River series will enjoy these sharp-witted adventure stories featuring Captain Hamilton and the inexperienced Lt. Augustus “Bones” Tibbetts. These sensational tales, more than a century old, reflect some of the attitudes of the time, but also provide a fascinating window into the culture and mindset of the historical British empire and life in Africa under foreign rule—which was directly observed by the author as both a soldier and a war correspondent during the Second Boer War, who also reported on atrocities in the Belgian Congo.

Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace (1875–1932) was one of the most popular and prolific authors of his era. His hundred-odd books, including the groundbreaking Four Just Men series and the African adventures of Commissioner Sanders and Lieutenant Bones, have sold over fifty million copies around the world. He is best remembered today for his thrillers and for the original version of King Kong, which was revised and filmed after his death. 

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