This image is the cover for the book Talk Southern to Me

Talk Southern to Me

The creator of YouTube’s Southern Women Channel shares humorous, lighthearted essays on Southern life.

Talk Southern To Me is a love letter to the South, y’all. Essays ’bout charm, beauty and style, chewin’ the fat, love, parenting, and more―full of yes ma’ams and no sirs, casseroles and cheese balls, taffeta and pom-poms…plus more Southern phrases than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re not from the South—bless your heart—pay attention cause there’s a ton of wisdom to be found in these heartfelt, humorous ways. Southerners speak their own unique version of the English language, and you’ll come to understand it in these pages. It’s a linguistic art. And it’s gooder than grits, y’all.

“I really love…Talk Southern to Me. I know you’ll love it too. It’s fun, informative, and oh-so-Southern.”—Dolly Parton

“[Julia Fowler’s] humor and intelligence shine through everything she does, including the pages of this most entertaining book.”—Patricia Altschul, author of The Art of Southern Charm

“A hilarious, wise, and winning explanation of the heart and soul of the South written by one of its most beloved—and loveable—daughters.”—Celia Rivenbark, columnist and New York Times–bestselling author of You Don’t Sweat Much for a Fat Girl

“Lord have mercy on my soul, did Julia Fowler hit the nail on the head with her hysterical new book. My Mama suddenly came back to life, shaking her finger in my face and reminding me of all that is Southern.”—Del Shores, writer and director of Sordid Lives

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