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Terms of Estrangement

After almost 50 years of battling an unwanted sexual identity that had promised him an afterlife in hell, Greg made the decision to give up the fight in 2019. Decades of depression and aversion/reparative “ex-gay” therapy – which consisted of sniffing dog feces while thumbing through cologne magazine ads and participating in awkward “gay men’s basketball” bonding sessions – had landed Greg in two separate mental hospitals, leaving him disillusioned and suicidal and with a choice that had to be made.

However, ‘coming out’ had its costs.

Gregory Elsasser-Chavez

Gregory Elsasser-Chavez is an award-winning playwright of eight plays and the novel, The Field Trip. He has three sons and one husband and lives in Southern California.

Gregory has been a high school and junior high teacher in Los Angeles County for thirty years and is currently teaching English.

He still writes to his son.

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