This image is the cover for the book I Luv Halloween, Volume 1, I Luv Halloween

I Luv Halloween, Volume 1, I Luv Halloween

“A black comedy that reads as if Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton had collaborated on a Halloween heist story . . . a lively and inventive” graphic novel (Publishers Weekly).

Halloween has always been and always will be about one thing: getting the best CANDY. And, some fiendish friends excel at tricks if they don’t get the right treats. When these gremlins receive a frickin’ apple at their first house of the night, they plan deadly revenge on the offending fruit-favoring old-timer. Join the misadventures of a group of particularly disturbing trick-or-treaters as they go about their macabre business on Halloween night. Colored by Michael Kellaher, Kyle Foster and Glasshouse Graphics.

“Twisted and almost evilly funny . . . hits the spot usually reserved for zombie movies.” —Booklist

Benjamin Roman, Keith Giffen

Tokyopop Verlag