This image is the cover for the book Supreme Taoism Master, Volume 9

Supreme Taoism Master, Volume 9

After entering the ptacticing world, Li Xiaobai, a young man who woke up and found that the world he knew was different. High school is no longer just teaching cultural knowledge, but actually teaching martial arts! He had a crush on the beautiful girl in school for three years while no one in the school was able to defeat her. The grade director who was very harsh on the students turned out to have a sword against the sky. The former college entrance examination has now become the national martial arts entrance examination. However, Li Xiaobai found that in this new world, his innate ancestors had a place to play, and he was invincible!☆About the Author☆Qu Mao De Lao Shu, a new online novelist, his writing is smooth and full of fun, and his work has been widely welcomed for its ups and downs storyline and peculiar imagination.

Qu MaoDeLaoShu, Babel Novel