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Northfield, Images of America

Northfield�s mountains, abundant forests, and rich agricultural fields along the Connecticut River sustained native inhabitants for centuries before the English settled in the area known as Squakheag in 1713. Incorporated in 1723, Northfield became a crossroads for travel and commerce, supporting ferries, taverns, mills, and other farm-related businesses. Elegant Federal-style homes crafted in the 1800s by the Stearns brothers still line the iconic Main Street. Northfield native Dwight L. Moody, a famous evangelist, founded area schools and summer conferences. In the late 19th century, the quiet farming town became �heaven on earth� to Moody�s followers, who arrived by the hundreds each summer seeking spiritual renewal and relief from the cities. The railroad brought visitors to the first American youth hostel and to the popular Northfield Inn and Chateau, where many permanent residents found employment. Around Northfield, Queen Anne�style homes provided lodging for boarders, while tearooms, milliners, liveries, and grocers served visitors. Today, Northfield�s vitality and spirit endures, forged by education, hard work, civic engagement, and perseverance.

Marie Booth Ferré, Susan Post Ross, Joan McRae Stoia

To celebrate its past and inspire a vision for Northfield�s future, local historians Marie Booth Ferr�, Susan Post Ross, and Joan McRae Stoia have compiled photographs from the Northfield Mount Hermon Archives, the Northfield Historical Society, and private collections.

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