This image is the cover for the book The Bean Team Go To Football

The Bean Team Go To Football

Hop aboard the tram with The Bean Team for an exciting football adventure! On a chilly Saturday, they cheer on the Tigers and the Terriers in a game full of fun twists and turns. During halftime, they munch on tasty snacks and learn some cool football rules. The game ends in a tie, so everyone’s happy! Back at Bean Team Towers, they can’t stop talking about their awesome day. Ready for some football fun? Join The Bean Team and enjoy the game!

John Brian Jackson

J Brian Jackson was born in the North West of England in leafy Cheshire. Eldest of seven siblings. Married to Val for 25 years. He has daughters from his first marriage and a son and daughter from his second. Brian, as he is known, has been entrepreneurial all his adult life, having been in business since the age of 23 with many varied businesses. In 1990 he created The Bean Team characters with the future thought of licensing for retirement. It wasn’t until lockdown in 2020 that he started writing children’s stories featuring The Bean Team characters.

Austin Macauley Publishers