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Invisible Streets

Big money reshapes an unnamed city as a radical group causes havoc in this thriller that “portrays the realities of graft and moral compromise . . . perfectly” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

It’s the mid-1960s, and the City is a hulking shell of itself. Bohemians, crooks, and snarling anti-Communists run the streets, but Nathan Canada’s New City Project is about to paper over the grit and the grime, making the City safe for the rich. To Canada and his allies, the project is the City’s last best hope. To everyone else, it’s a death knell. So when the Project’s cache of explosives goes missing, everyone is a suspect, and police detective Torsten Grip finds himself up against a ticking clock and a wall of silence.

Meanwhile, journalist Frank Frings has been charged with the task of finding his friend’s missing grandson, Sol Elia. But Sol has gotten himself involved with Kollectiv 61—a radical group that may hold the key to Grip’s investigation.

The third novel in Ball’s acclaimed City Trilogy, Invisible Streets is a sprawling epic of crime and corruption.

“Fans of writers like Caleb Carr, James Ellroy, and E.L. Doctorow need to give Ball a try.” —Library Journal on Scorch City

Toby Ball

Toby Ball works at the Crimes Against Children Research Center and the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. He is the author of The Vaults and Scorch City, and lives in Durham, New Hampshire, with his wife and two children.

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