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Relentless is a thrilling, evocative and entertaining memoir that reflects a true story about the author, his parents, siblings, wife and children. This touching memoir gives a personal insight of a nation whose citizens, even with such a long history of troubles and resultant hardships, still manage to relentlessly chase their dreams and find joy. It is a story of innocence that aims to invoke a competitive anima to the future generation around the world – to continue the pursuit of happiness regardless of trials and tribulations. A story that unveils a fascinating evolution of the society, politics and economic dynamics and, history of the natives during the Rhodesia colony, to more depressing issues that continue to thwart the nation’s progress after independence. With this enlightening story, told through an adventurous travelogue, the book challenges the new generation to demand more of themselves than anyone else could, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You must do more. Giving up is never an option – be self-driven, eagle-eyed, open-minded, steady and thrive to finish what you started. A husband and father of four, Nduduzo Tshabangu revisits his country of birth with his family for an African Adventure. He is reunited with his relatives, reminded of the many experiences and events that shaped his life and that of his family and the country itself. There are happy and insightful memories of times spent with his father, learning about his country’s troubled past and experiencing farm life in the countryside. And there are terrible stories, told by his family, that he shares with humour and honesty. Out of adversity comes a challenge, and often, better days follow. But, is it the case in this memoir?

Nduduzo Tshabangu

Nduduzo Tshabangu is a father to four children; Quinton, Zenia, Morgan and Marilyn, and, a husband to Hafi Mahama, a wife he adores. By profession, Nduduzo is a well-accomplished professional quantity surveyor, a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), with over a decade of experience in rail and civil projects. This is his first novel which is aimed at inspiring the future generation to pursue their dreams with relentless determination and resolve.

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