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Promise Me A Miracle Box Set

Operation Butterfly

Jaxon Malone only had one job—travel to Ajid and escort Alia Fadel to America for Dro and Lola’s wedding. Simple enough, right? No one could foresee a previous regime surging back to power just weeks before American troops are slated to evacuate. Alia, the maid of honor, is imprisoned for leading public protests and her release is conditional on silence and overwhelming fines her family must pay.

Every attempt Jax makes to get Alia out of the country fails, as the new ruler insists on marrying her in a publicly televised ceremony. It will take a miracle and a daring escape which must happen before the new government closes the country off from the rest of the world.

Operation Diamond

Someone is trying to kill Dr. Sydney Lomax, an expert jeweler and inventor who is on the cusp of receiving a prestigious award for her cutting-edge advances in technology. Alejandro Reyes gave Sydney a special assignment to transport his custom-made wedding rings across a literal lake of fire, unaware that it would put her life in danger. If her enemies succeed, they will obstruct plans to uncover the munitions dump hidden miles beneath the sands of Durabia where a Doomsday Bomb is silently ticking away.

Ethan Wakefield returns from a covert mission just minutes behind Sydney’s kidnapping. One of his former team members has set his sights on using her to find that top-secret government facility that is filled with inventions Sydney created that could save countless lives or destroy just as many.

Now, his love for her will be tested and used against him while time winds down and he does everything in his power to bring her home alive.

Operation Ivory

Michele DaCosta is commissioned to recreate a bridal gown that was deliberately damaged by someone from the bride’s past. But that isn’t the only challenge she faces. A blizzard to end all blizzards dumps tremendous amounts of snow on Chicago and traps Michele with an over-protective bodyguard, Rajay Chamani. His assignment is to protect her from the man who ruined that precious family heirloom. The stalker is determined to have face-to-face contact with Michele to send an urgent message to the bride.

A deep attraction simmers between Rajay and Michele even as she scrambles to procure specialty items to recreate the intricate design in the shortest time, even with the challenge of the groom going MIA in the Middle East. Being snowed in is a complication Michele and Rajay cannot afford, but Mother Nature has the last laugh.

Weeks before the biggest society wedding hosted at The Castle in several years, can Michele avoid a persistent stalker and finish the new design in time for the bride to have the wedding of her dreams?

Operation Valastro

Valentina Romano, a world-renowned celebrity chef, has been hired to prepare the meal and signature cake for the wedding of Alejandro Reyes and his fiancé Lola Samuels. Days before the celebration, she and four of her specialty chefs are hospitalized in Italy after falling ill.

Dr. Marcus Kyncade, a highly trained doctor in biomedical science and neurotoxins, is the attending physician for the five patients. The attraction he has felt for Valentina resurfaces but is met with opposition by her long-time business associate, who seems to know more than he’s admitting. Marcus partners with his long-time friend and fellow doctor, Jaidev Maharaj, to identify the cause of their illnesses to save their lives. In a race against time, they are on a mission to find the antidote and find who wants Valentina dead.

Will Valentina and her specialty chefs survive and recover in enough time to prepare a feast fit for a King and his bride?

Operation Lotus

Dro isn’t the only person who may not make it to the wedding. Noelle Jakob, a logistics coordinator, is tasked with finding the florist who has gone missing less than two weeks before the wedding. She works with security specialist, Zane Hargrave. to locate the florist and ensure they supply the bride’s specialty order for the occasion. Plus, she must get back to Daron Kincaid’s team to find the missing King, determine the exact location of Alia’s family, and coordinate their rescue.

As the Kings prepare for their assignment, time is of the essence. The day of the wedding is fast approaching as Noelle and members of The Castle band together for one last attempt to get the groom to the altar. With all the uncertainty surrounding her wedding—MIA groom, flowers, and all, can Lola get her dream wedding and holiday spirit back in the process?

This boxset will only be available for a limited time.

Naleighna Kai, Martha Kennerson, J. L. Campbell, Karen D. Bradley,, Stephanie M. Freeman, U. M. Hiram

Macro Publishing Group