This image is the cover for the book McKenna's Crossing

McKenna's Crossing

Parker Sloane, an adversarial English sea captain, has been asked to transport McKenna Reed to England, to let her escape the impending Civil War in the States. The beautiful belle and the handsome captain will meet their match in sass and barter time and time again throughout their journey, both unaccustomed to concession. McKenna’s encounters with family members along with her grit and tenacity to survive four long years away from South Carolina will challenge her resolve. This novel inaugurates a host of characters and chancy conflicts shepherding McKenna and Parker into each other’s arms – forcing them to believe in the conviction and credence of love.

Debbie Dee

Debbie Dee was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northwest Ohio. She taught middle school language arts and reading for thirty-five years. Upon retirement, she promised herself that she would write and publish a historical romance book based upon the Civil War era. Her favorite book, Gone with the Wind, made a lasting impression on her when she read it as a young adult. She completed her promise and wrote a trilogy following McKenna and Captain Sloane throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Deb married her high school sweetheart forty years ago and is the proud mother of two sons and daughters-in-law. She currently lives in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Austin Macauley Publishers