This image is the cover for the book South by South Bronx

South by South Bronx

From an American Book Award winner, “a poetic thriller . . . A very different and rewarding mystery” (Booklist).

When Puerto Rican ladies’ man Alex awakes one morning to find a mysterious woman in his bed, he assumes he’s suffered another embarrassing blackout. He soon learns, however, that Ava is not a one-night stand. In fact, he’s never met her before.

As her story begins to unfold and her reason for appearing in his bed emerges, it is not just Alex’s life that she risks, nor her own, but the entire character of the South Bronx, in this twisting novel involving criminals, an NYPD detective, and one man caught in the middle.

From the author of Spidertown, called “a crackling good read” by the Los Angeles Times Book Review, and the New York Times Notable Book The Boy Without a Flag, this is a dark and distinctive crime thriller.

Abraham Rodriguez

Abraham Rodriguez, Jr. was born and raised in the South Bronx. His first book, The Boy without a Flag, was a 1993 New York Times Notable Book of the Year. His novel Spidertown won a 1995 American Book Award and was optioned by Columbia Pictures. His latest novel, The Buddha Book, was published by Picador in 2001.

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