This image is the cover for the book Perfume and Cigarettes

Perfume and Cigarettes

The innocent child, Aaron, is living in the shadow of his depressed father who is missing most of the time and who was taken away and raised at the farm. He decides to leave everything behind and run away as his new life is ahead of him. Shortly, his past and fears are catching up with him as he is drowning at the bottom of his empty bottles where inside his new simple life the shadows he sees between closed doors are getting to him. The hard battle he has in accepting what he was and to stop fearing becoming what he loves will help him take an important decision. With the paranoia growing inside him, he has to gather his strength and fight off his own blinded emotions. His last effort in turning his life around will not be easy but is a must for Aaron, who fears the most: being too late.

Andreea Veronica Szenasi

Austin Macauley Publishers