This image is the cover for the book If Britain Had Fallen

If Britain Had Fallen

What if Germany had invaded the British Isles? “A distinguished contribution to the canon of alternate histories” (Military History).

If Britain Had Fallen is a fascinating contemplation of what it would have been like for Britain to live day to day under Nazi occupation. It discusses every phase of the scenario, from the German pre-invasion maneuvering and preparations, to the landing of troops, to the German seizure of power.

What would have happened to the king and the government? Would America, Canada, or Australia have come to the rescue? Would the British people have grown to accept the occupation? Would the deportation of friends and the flying of the swastika from Buckingham Palace incite passive compliance, or brave resistance?

All these questions and more are explored in this thought-provoking and chilling pastiche of the twentieth century’s most enduring and darkest episodes. Based on a classic television film of the same name, this book includes illustrations and an updated foreword by military historian Norman Longmate.

Norman Longmate

Norman Longmate is a respected historian and author of a number of books including the critically acclaimed How We Lived Then: A History of Everyday Life during the Second World War, Defending the Island: From Caesar to the Armada, Island Fortress: The Defense of Great Britain, 1603–1945, The Doodlebugs: The Story of the Flying-Bombs and The Real Dad’s Army: The Story of the Home Guard.

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