This image is the cover for the book The Dancing Magpie

The Dancing Magpie

The Dancing Magpie, which you are holding in your hands, is written by the well-known and award-winning writer Marina Kretova. The purpose of the book is to adapt the child to the processes of life and help him learn to find contact with the natural world and with people. This simple and easy-to-read book shows how parents can develop a child in a fun way and prepare them for social interaction. It is written in the genre of short, funny stories that combine fantasy with reality and serve the purpose of building moral ideals and improving family communication and understanding. They are also pleasant bedtime stories. The book will be useful to children as well as parents and grandparents.

Marina Kretova, Aleksandra Key

Marina Kretova is a professional writer and journalist, a well-known author of historical novels, contemporary stories, and lyrics to musical hits. Marina has Slavic and Balkan roots in her ancestry. Since childhood, her main passion has been writing stories and traveling. Until now, she has retained a childlike, direct view of the world, which is why children love her stories. Marina chose the ‘Green Continent’ - Australia - for her life. She is Aussie now, and it is here that she wrote the book The Dancing Magpie. Her main character is a little, curious girl Sonya. She discovers the world around her by fantasizing and asking questions. And her father, mother, and grandmother, by answering her questions, help her learn about the world and socialize. This book will be the first in a series of children’s books that Marina conceived to write.