This image is the cover for the book Ancient Taoist Sovereign, Book 10

Ancient Taoist Sovereign, Book 10

There were trillions of planets and countless Chosen in the Heaven-Revolving Star Domain, all of whom were monstrous geniuses. There were people who were gods and had three thousand dao bodies. There were people who could swallow thousands of miles of mountains and rivers while carrying all living things on their shoulders. There were people who could destroy the heavenly dao with their physical bodies and use ten thousand methods to prove their longevity … There was also the abandoned son Chu Ling who had obtained the inheritance of the Absolute Beginning. He had broken ten thousand techniques with a single sword strike and opened the gates of heaven with his own body! After arriving at the top of the starry sky and enjoying the glory of thousands upon thousands of people, he suddenly turned around and said, "Not a single person who can fight!" Close]

Ming Bai, Babel Novel