This image is the cover for the book Rider the Runaway

Rider the Runaway

Rider the Runaway is set in a future of climate change.
Have you sometimes thought of running away from home? You might have a tough time out in the world if you do.
Saskia--alias Rider--barely a fourteen-year-old, inspired by riding on a dragon in a dream and longing to see the ocean, runs away.
She is lucky to find a nice person, Jeff, to help her. But Rider has to fight a bully, run from kidnappers, and survive a bushfire too.
When she meets up with her mother again, they reach a surprising agreement about Rider's future.

S. M. Webber

S. M. Webber has worked as a teacher and has brought up two children. She has also written Her Story in Four Centuries.

Austin Macauley Publishers