This image is the cover for the book Princess: Stepping out of the Shadows, Princess

Princess: Stepping out of the Shadows, Princess

Despite having a decadent palace, four mansions on three continents, and opulent jewels from an adoring husband, Saudi Princess Sultana Al Sa’ud refuses to let the glitz of the royal lifestyle or the antics of the royal family distract her from the truth: that when it comes to the treatment of women, her beloved Saudi Arabia remains in the Dark Ages. True, infant girls are no longer buried in sand, nor are bold women battered with stones. But the kingdom’s “guardianship law” means Saudi women can never be truly free.
Suddenly, whispers of change herald a charismatic young Crown Prince who aims to move the kingdom forward. Thanks to the prince, Saudi women can now drive and some policy-watchers even propose lifting the guardianship law! But when female activists are thrown into jail and members of the royal family die during harsh interrogation, the true nature of Saudi Arabia’s new ruler is revealed. Heartbroken over false promises but fiercely resilient in their fight for freedom, Princess Sultana and her Saudi sisters prepare to face this new threat to women’s rights. Will the guardianship law forever bind them? Will the ascension of the crown prince permanently cloak Saudi Arabia in darkness? Whatever the future holds, Princess: Stepping Out of the Shadows proves that nothing is simple in Saudi Arabia.

Jean Sasson

Jean Sasson grew up in a small town in Alabama—her mind always in a book and her hands always searching for something new to read. Today, Jean is still a voracious reader as wells as a  sharp-eyed, compassionate chronicler of women's lives in the Muslim World